Customs Grant Scheme

September 22, 2020

Funding of £50 million has been made available by HMRC towards its Customs Grant Scheme to help meet the increased demand for customs declarations for goods crossing GB borders.

The grant will offer financial support for recruitment, employee training and IT to organisations that meet the eligibility criteria. The grant for IT will cover all expense for increasing capacity or productivity for customs declarations, customs software, set-up costs, and related hardware. An appealing offer to many businesses who face the prospect of a new bottom line cost, a customs declaration.

The first year’s license of a packaged software solution such as our own, CustomsPro, could potentially be paid for through the Customs Grant Scheme. This to include purchase of any necessary hardware that is needed for the software, install and configure the software and hardware as well any related software training. Luckily, the training for CustomsPro is very straightforward and a user can take advantage of our video demonstrations for a basic understanding of the CustomsPro platform.     

During the application stage for the IT grant you will need to provide:

  • Details of the software package and/or hardware you intend to purchase.
  • Quote of proposed expenditure, including software costs and any related hardware and training costs required to run the software.
  • An estimate of the expected annual declaration capacity increase the grant is likely to provide your organisation, and if applicable, the estimated number of additional clients you will be able to take on.

We urge our readers to investigate how the Customs Intermediary Grant can help your business, to find out more and to check whether your business is eligible click here. The scheme is operated and administered by PwC and HMRC.  

By Tom Sommer