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Freight FAQ’s
Q. What are the crossing times for ferries & EuroTunnel?
A. The Eurotunnel crossing time is 35 mins.
Dover to Calais ferries take between 70 & 90 mins

Q. How many drivers/persons are included in the ticket price?
A. On EuroTunnel up to a maximum of 5 drivers are included at no extra cost. On routes to and from Dover 2 drivers are included in the ticket. On all other routes 1 driver is included. On all ferry routes extra drivers can be taken at additional costs.

Q. Does the driver/s need a Passport to travel?
A. Yes all occupants will need to have a valid passport to go in & out of the U.K.

Q. Can I book a crossing time on the EuroTunnel or Cross Channel Ferries?
A. No, EuroTunnel, P&O Ferries, Seafrance & Norfolkline all operate a ‘turn up and go’ facility for freight vehicles. As you check in you are allocated space on the next available crossing.

Q. What if I’m delayed and need to make my crossing a little later than planned?
A. On Eurotunnel and crossings to and from Dover there is a degree of flexibility with the bookings. This normally allows 72 hours either side of the date booked to make the crossing.

Q. Do I need to travel on the freight service?
A. All vehicles which are not specifically constructed or adapted for the carriage of passengers, are subject to freight tariffs, as are vehicles which are carrying merchandise for hire or reward.This includes transportation of personal furniture/possessions in vans/lorries.

Q. Can I take my children with me?
A. On EuroTunnel freight crossings no persons under the age of 12 may travel. Children are permitted to travel on the ferry crossings but an additional charge may have to be paid.

Q. Can I take my cat/dog with me?
A. On EuroTunnel freight crossings NO ANIMALS are permitted to travel.

With crossings to and from Dover pets can travel but must remain in the vehicle during the crossing.

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