Key Updates

September 16, 2020

If you have already started your end of transition period planning, well done and make it a weekly feature in your schedule. If not, then we urge you to halt further delay and start planning now.  

The Border & Protocol Delivery Group have informed stakeholders of 3 key updates; 1. Step-by-step guides for importing & exporting 2. Process flows 3. Customs Grant Scheme.

1.     Step-by-step guides, one for imports and one for exports:



These are very useful guides and will provide you with the entry level information you need to make a start in your preparations.

2.     Process flows which set out the new processes in more detail. Along with HM Government’s published process flows ChannelPorts have created some supplementary information that can be used hand-in-hand.  



Moving meat, diary and plant products: DEFRA

3.     Customs Grant Scheme. HMRC have made funding of £50 million available to enhance its Customs Grant Scheme. Organisations can apply for funding to reimburse a number of costs associated with increasing their capacity and enhancing their ability to complete customs declarations, ahead of the new rules from January 2021. Details are available here. If you are eligible and want to take advantage of the IT grant get in touch with us and see how ChannelPorts can assist.

By Tom Sommer