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Addressing Common Errors in DEFRA Documentation Checks: A Guide for Improved Compliance

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In recent assessments of documentary checks conducted since January 31st, DEFRA has identified several common errors that have hindered the efficiency of import and export processes. To enhance understanding and minimise future errors, DEFRA has provided official guidance addressing these common issues.

General Errors:

1. Low Risk Consignments with Inadequate Documentation:

2. Misclassification of Composites:

3. Handling of Multiple Health Certificates:

Import Notification Errors:

1. Incorrect Operator Address Provided:

2. Omission of Establishment Field in the CHED:

Export Health Certificate Errors:

1. Attestation and Certificate Model Compliance:

2. Signature and Numbering Compliance:

Checklist for Compliance:

By adhering to DEFRA’s guidance and addressing these common errors, businesses can streamline their import and export processes, improve compliance, and mitigate potential disruptions in trade operations.

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