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Bespoke Requirements

Customs Bureau

Looking for a more bespoke service utilising the expertise of our customs professionals?

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Simple and compliant customs solutions for your business

Our Customs Bureau service is a specialised service that provides expert guidance and advice on matters related to international trade and customs regulations. These services are offered by professionals who have a deep understanding of the intricate and ever-changing customs procedures and regulations. They assist clients in navigating the complexities of international trade by providing customised solutions that optimise their supply chain and minimize risks.


The Customs Bureau service covers a wide range of areas, including import/export compliance, tariff classification, customs valuation, trade agreements, and regulatory compliance. By leveraging the expertise of our Customs Bureau service, businesses can streamline their international trade operations, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with local and international customs laws.

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Tailored Solutions for Seamless International Trade

Customs Bureau

In an increasingly more complex regulatory environment we understand the need to offer our clients a deeper dive into their customs processes. These include:

Traditional Brokerage

We expedite customs clearances for you


  • Peace of mind, we’ve been at the forefront of customs clearance since 1974
  • File on your behalf
  • Contactable 24/7, 365 days of the year
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Customs Audit

We can review your customs processes ahead of a customs audit:


  • Risk assessment of your systems, procedures and record keeping, identifying any weaknesses or threats
  • Design and implement a compliance framework
  • Measure the results alongside regular reviews
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Customs Consultancy

Our team analyses your operations for both risk and opportunity, these include:


  • Review of your existing procedures, ensuring accurate classification, valuation and relief
  • Audit response
  • Duty recovery
  • AEO accreditation
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