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Border Target Operating Model

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The Border Target Operating Model provides a new model for importing goods into the UK, from countries inside and outside the EU.  The aim of the new model is to use technology, where possible, reducing the need for paperwork, and to introduce improved methods of control of sanitary, phytosanitary and security on imports. 

The initial draft for feedback version was published on 5th April 2023 and points out that the Border Target Operating Model will be implemented in three instalments from the end of October 2023 to the end of October 2024.

Safety & Security controls:

Sanitary & Phytosanitary controls:

The UK Single Trade Window will be the base for this new method of controls.  

Dates to note:

31st October 2023 – introduction of export health certificates and phytosanitary certificates for medium risk animal products and plant/plant products imported to GB from the EU.

End of 2023 – introduction of permanent waivers for the need to submit Safety & Security declarations on some categories of low-risk movements.

31st January 2024 – introduction of documentary, physical and identity checks at the border for medium risk animal products, plant/plant products imported to GB from the EU.  A global model of controls will be introduced for Rest of the World imports.  Health certificates no longer needed for low risk goods.  Pre-notification no longer needed for low risk plant and plant products.

31st October 2024 – Safety & Security declarations will be required for EU imports. 

For further information please follow this link;      Border Target Operating Model

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