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CustomsPro enables Arcese to manage high volumes of mixed load shipments

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Photo of Arecese red trucks lined up in a row with one in front

About Arcese

Arcese Group is a Global Logistics Company with 70 offices and 2,800 employees worldwide with global turnover of over 1bn Euro.

Arcese UK has a turnover of circa 30mn Euro, and offers both Transport and Logistics services to customers including the automotive, paper, fashion, chemicals and technology industries.

The challenge

With Arcese operations throughout Europe, including Italy, Spain, France and Turkey, a large proportion of their business is groupage, transporting full trailers of goods from European customers into their UK hubs at Tilbury and Daventry, where goods are either stored or distributed out to the end customer.

In 2021, with vast regulatory changes coming into place, Arcese needed a reliable partner to help them cope with a high number of customs declarations reflecting their broad customer base, and high volume of mixed load shipments.

Why choose Channel Ports?

Arcese had not had a commercial relationship with ChannelPorts prior to Brexit, and had initially been seeking a traditional customs intermediary to help them as they had no experience of Customs Declarations internally. However, a business connection recommended ChannelPorts as a reliable supplier and CustomsPro as a system.

Why CustomsPro?

With 80% of Arcese business being imports into the UK, and 20% being exports, it was important to find a system that could cope with a large variety of locations and be highly responsive to the need for fast processing. 

In addition, it was important to find a system that required minimal training for the Arcese team, given the volume of declarations that would be handled.

Plan of action
Although the implementation of the new regulations created a struggle for everyone, as customers had to get used to providing the correct information for declarations, the ChannelPorts team worked closely with Arcese to deliver the solution they needed and helped them facilitate the transition. Despite the vast amount of change going on, critically, Arcese didn’t experience any downtime which helped keep goods moving as needed.


Today, Arcese process 20,000 declarations per year through CustomsPro, which continues to operate seamlessly. 

In addition, ChannelPorts continue to work with Arcese to add new functionality to simplify Arcese processes further.

The benefits to Arcese

Thanks to CustomsPro, Arcese are able to offer a “one stop” shop for their customers, not just for moving their goods from point of collection, across Europe and the channel to point of delivery, but also handling all the necessary customs clearance and paperwork. This enables them to continue to be the simplest transport solution for many of their customers.

Paolo Varotto, Managing Director at Arcese UK, summarised his experience working with ChannelPorts succinctly:

“ChannelPorts proved to be a very reliable partner during this development of new functionality and are an important part of our business”.   

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