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CustomsPro enables URSA to track shipments and solve problems in real time

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About URSA 

URSA has become synonymous with energy conservation and soundproofing by pioneering the use of glass mineral wool and XPS in construction. Their commitment to commercial success, technical ingenuity, efficient supply chain, and dedicated staff make them a favourite supplier for many insulation experts, independent distributors, building material suppliers & lumberyards in the UK.

The challenge

From the start of 2021, URSA relied upon their pool of transport operators to provide customs clearance services. However, due to capacity reasons, this limited the number of carriers they could use. Therefore, it became apparent that the clearance of their goods through UK customs had to be managed in-house rather than by a third party.

Why choose ChannelPorts?

Without a clear solution, URSA sought recommendations from existing contacts, and a leading Belgium haulage operator referred URSA to ChannelPorts based on expertise and reputation. 

Why CustomsPro?

URSA primarily selected CustomsPro for its convenience in terms of simple setup and operation. They needed a solution that only required minimal setup work and staff training. In addition, they found that the self-service nature of CustomsPro, combined with its round-the-clock customer support a perfect fit for their needs. 

The benefits to URSA

Owing to URSA’s minimal expertise with UK customs protocols, the team found it helpful only to transfer data from their commercial invoices themselves and leave ChannelPorts to take care of any more specific information needs on the declaration. With a real-time view of every product’s voyage through customs, URSA can keep their end customers informed of the progress of the delivery throughout its journey, thus ensuring their delivery times are as precise and prompt as possible. 

Whenever an issue with customs clearances arises, or the goods are held up due to inadequate information, URSA are made aware of it right away and can respond accordingly, keeping their shipments moving as quickly as possible and keeping customers informed should any delay look possible.

“CustomsPro has enabled us to take control of the Customs Process for ourselves,” said Nancy Vanelverdinghe (URSA Benelux),Being able to see progress in real-time and manage issues when they arise has enabled us to continue to offer the high delivery accuracy we strive for.

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