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World Cargo Logistics rely on CustomsPro to reduce customs problems

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About World Cargo Logistics

World Cargo Logistics are a global supply chain specialist who cover Road, Air and Sea Freight who have offices throughout the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Aberdeen.

Traditionally, the bulk of their business has been air freight, however in recent years,  continued growth in other sectors means that business is equally balanced between all freight modes. Post Brexit growth has been extremely strong in road freight with the team doubling in size and more recruitment planned.

Customers are across multiple industries, including health, chemical and aviation, which often mean bulky, high value shipments, however they are just as likely to be moving small items for a pharmaceutical company.

The challenge

Brexit created a need for transit documents to match with shipments. Although World Cargo were used to creating customs documents for other countries, the requirement for T1 transit documents became essential.  

Why choose ChannelPorts?

World Cargo had used ChannelPorts for customs declarations for a number of years and their positive experiences meant they were keen to continue and include EU shipment clearances following Brexit, and they were keen to utilise the added benefits of the CustomsPro system.

Why CustomsPro?

The ability to automate T1 declarations was a big attraction to World Cargo, who already had access to other customs clearance systems. 


All the team are able to access CustomsPro although there are 3 main users. Typically they process 20 T1’s per week. The automated updates means there is no worrying about maintaining systems in line with government changes and the user friendly interface meant that users were up and running with the system almost instantly.

The benefits to World Cargo

Beyond the automated updates, and user friendly interface, the biggest benefit to World Cargo is the speed of confirmations which they describe as “almost instant”.

In addition, the notifications when the driver goes through the border meaning that they know when goods are about to board the ferry and leave the country. “CustomsPro significantly cuts down on emails and calls chasing drivers” said Barbara McComb – General Manager

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