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CustomsPro support keeps Suggero Trans moving 24/7

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Suggero Trans vans & trucks

About Suggero Trans

Suggero Trans is a small Freight Forwarder based in Hungary, employing four people specialising in shipments between Hungary and the UK. 

The company was founded in 2015 by Garics Milán, who lived in the UK for five years before this and built a vast network of contacts throughout the UK during this period.

Suggero Trans is based in the North of Hungary, near the Austrian border and have a fleet of 4 vans; each van will typically travel nearly 5,000km per week travelling through Europe.

They have a large variety of customers, mainly automotive parts and large contracts with metal extruders who export from Hungary into the United Kingdom. Many of the runs are consistently the same every week.

The challenge

Before Brexit, the fact that most loads were UK/Intra-European domestic shipments meant that clearances were rarely needed. When Customs clearance documentation became required, Suggero used a traditional agent but found using them slow and expensive. Drivers were sometimes kept waiting, awaiting documents, often at the Ferry port, which caused significant frustration for them.

Why choose ChannelPorts?

Suggero Trans goods movements were all Ro/Ro fitting with ChannelPorts expertise and the CustomsPro platform.

Why CustomsPro?

As Suggero Trans often made declarations for their customers, they needed a simple and intuitive platform. Most importantly, it needed to process clearances quickly so that declarations wouldn’t hold up customer despatches. 


Suggero Trans typically make 20 declarations per week, with a single operator entering the clearances for all shipments. They appreciate the 24-hour helpline, which means support is available whenever needed and documents are always received quickly. 

The benefits to Suggero Trans

Suggero Trans has found that Customs-Pro meets all their needs and solves their ongoing problems. “I was grateful when Ashley rang,” said Milan. Many things are good with CustomsPro, though the best thing is the helpline. I can call straight away, and there is always someone to help me.”

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