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How ChannelPorts helped Focchi get to grips with import declarations

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Photo of the Focchi offices

Focchi Ltd

About Focchi Ltd 

The Focchi Group are a leading specialist in curtain walling and architectural building envelopes. A family business established in 1914 in Rimini, Italy, Focchi also has offices in London and New York, servicing major construction projects with facades from design to manufacture and installation. 40 Leadenhall Street, Paddington Square and Battersea Power Station are examples of the latest array of significant construction projects that Focchi have been involved in. The Focchi Group has over £100 million turnover and almost 400 staff.  

The challenge  

Focchi Ltd., like many other businesses, had to grapple with customs paperwork for the first time after the United Kingdom departed from the European Union. As the company had little to no familiarity with such processes, it had to seek external help. 

Why choose ChannelPorts? 

Focchi conducted comprehensive research before choosing ChannelPorts, knowing they were the preeminent provider of customs solutions in the UK before Brexit, having been around since 1974. Other customs providers were considered; however, their services were usually too costly and did not provide 24-hour customer service.   

Why CustomsPro? 

CustomsPro was the ideal fit for Focchi, a customs partner that could provide full visibility and complete transparency of the customs process.   


Focchi Ltd. has been impressed with CustomsPro’s user-friendly nature for companies new to clearance procedures, as they have no previous customs experience to draw upon. 

In addition, since CustomsPro was introduced in January 2021, ChannelPorts have implemented several enhancements to improve user experience and product functionality for Focchi Ltd., but what truly stands out to Focci Ltd. is ChannelPorts’ commitment to a quality customer experience.  

The benefits to Focchi 

As well as simplifying the overall customs process, one significant advantage Focchi gains from using CustomsPro is ChannelPorts’ unique ‘Flexi’ service.  

When Focchi employees are away on vacation or unable to work due to illness, ChannelPorts will manage the customs entry on CustomsPro on their behalf and coordinate with the transport operator, ensuring there are never any delays to goods movements.  

“CustomsPro and the ChannelPorts team are amazing,” said Ayako Nishiwaki (Focchi Ltd.), “Nothing is ever an issue and it’s as if they have a magic wand they use to take all our customs concerns away. Friendly and fast service yet professional” 

Conversation took place December 2022 

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