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ChannelPorts is your customs clearance partner

Using our digital platform, ‘CustomsPro’, you can send your load details directly from your IT systems to ours using an API. This means you are in full control of the information ensuring complete accuracy of the customs entry.

Don’t let customs formalities delay or impede your flow of shipments.

Choose the best route for you

Either transfer the data from your systems via an API or enter it directly into our digital platform, CustomsPro.

The flexibility of the system allows you to have control over how you provide your data for the customs entry.

Our services were developed with you in mind, making complex processes simple, ensuring your goods move through customs promptly and efficiently.

You are fully in control

Our systems are here to make the customs process as logical and straight forward as possible, giving you full visibility of all your consignments.

You can access data for consignments that are pending, in progress, cleared or even historic ones.

The 3-step process that gets your goods through customs

CustomsPro is our digital customs clearance platform, which allows you to effectively manage import and export declarations to and from the UK and EU, without having the technical knowledge of the customs clearance process. It enables you to enter the required consignment details simply from the information contained in the invoice.

Download a dummy invoice.

  • 1. Enter the vehicle details

    We require the registration number for the vehicle and trailer that are carrying your goods.

  • 2. Tell us the consignment details

    Using your invoice, enter the required details and follow along with our ‘how to’ videos to show you how.

  • 3. Add the commodity code

    Your commodity code will be detailed on your invoice and can easily be added into CustomsPro. If not you can use the ‘look up’ facility of the system.

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If you would like further details of how our API facility works please use this link to contact us

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"CustomsPro has made customs clearance accessible to a much wider public in a very short time. Our collaboration with ChannelPorts has proven successful because of their ability to provide smart solutions in a rapidly changing regulatory environment."