Importer or Exporter Customs Clearance


The customs clearance process may be new to you, with ChannelPorts it’s made simple.

Using CustomsPro, you can simply enter the details of the goods that require customs clearing from the commercial invoice. We will then ensure that the correct documents are produced to get the goods ‘cleared’ through the customs process.

Your European union doesn’t have to change

Don’t let customs formalities slow up or impede your flow of shipments.

With our expertise and state of the art system, CustomsPro, you can continue your business with the 27 European Union states, as simply as you always have done.

Our approach to customs clearance has you in mind, removing the administrative burden so you can focus on your customers and growing your business.

The point of CustomsPro is that the customer needs very little knowledge, CustomsPro keeps them compliant.

CustomsPro will keep you compliant when buying and selling goods in Europe, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to know that your business operations will continue as usual.

You have full visibility of your goods

CustomsPro provides live data on the clearance status of your shipments, automatic notification of clearance and a complete history and record of shipments to comply with HMRC regulations.

The 3-step process that gets your goods through customs

CustomsPro is our digital customs clearance platform, which allows you to effectively manage import and export declarations to and from the UK and EU, without having the technical knowledge of the customs clearance process. It enables you to enter the required consignment details simply from the information contained in the invoice.

Download a dummy invoice.

  • 1. Enter the vehicle details

    We require the registration number for the vehicle and trailer that are carrying your goods.

  • 2. Tell us the consignment details

    Using your invoice, enter the required details and follow along with our ‘how to’ videos to show you how.

  • 3. Add the commodity code

    Your commodity code will be detailed on your invoice and can easily be added into CustomsPro. If not you can use the ‘look up’ facility of the system.

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If you would like further details of how our API facility works please use this link to contact us

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“We were sceptical regarding CustomsPro as it’s too easy, especially for imports to the UK. We are not used to that. But the system is really nice and a huge advantage compared to clearance with classic agents.”

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