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New SPS Import Controls and Common User Charge

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New SPS Import Controls and Common User Charge

New SPS Import Controls

New SPS Import Controls will be coming into force from the 30th April 2024. Further guidance can be found here –

SPS Control Goods – Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures are quarantine and biosecurity measures which are applied to protect human, animal or plant life or health from risks arising from the introduction, establishment and spread of pests and diseases and from risks arising from additives, toxins and contaminants in food and feed.

PEACH to IPAFFS transition with the closure of PEACH on Monday 8th April 2024  

Common User Charge: rates and eligibility

From 30th April 2024 there will be a new fee called “the common user charge” for businesses moving animal products, plants, and plant products through any Port in the UK.

These charges are not new as such, as they do currently apply to SPS Control Goods for all  (Non-EU) products arriving in the UK.

This fee applies to:

Further guidance and information can be found here:

Ashford Borough Council (Port Health Ashford) and Sevington BCP have now provided confirmation of their charge;

Port Health have also published their charges relating to other Ports here in the UK.

This change is a result of updates to import controls introduced by the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM).  Please see our previous article regarding this;

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