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Trader Support Service

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Logo for HMRC Trader Support Service

HMRC recently wrote to all VAT registered businesses in Northern Ireland to advise the changes to the way goods will move between Northern Ireland and Great Britain from 1st January 2021. The Northern Ireland Protocol intends to allow all Northern Ireland businesses to continue to have free access to the entire UK market and in order to facilitate this HMRC have recently announced the launch of the Trader Support Service.

The new Trader Support Service (TSS) is now accessible to businesses, offering guidance and training for traders who move goods under the Northern Ireland Protocol, including between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. TSS will be a free at the point of use service and beyond educating traders on what the Protocol entails and how to comply, it can also complete customs declarations on behalf of traders. If you move the goods, act on someone else’s behalf or send parcels between GB & NI or bring parcels into NI from outside the UK sign up here for the Trader Support Service.

Just in case you didn’t receive HMRC’s letter in September here is a copy:

HMRC letter to VAT registered businesses in Northern Ireland who trade with the EU and/or the Rest of the World

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