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Why customers choose CustomsPro

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Why do customers choose Customs Pro?

Why do so many customers choose CustomsPro as their preferred option for Customs declarations over using traditional agents or software packages? 

We weren’t sure – so we did the obvious thing and asked our customers. 

Our customers love all the benefits of CustomsPro equally 😀

Ease of use was mentioned most frequently (over 80% of respondents), but our 24/7/365 support wasn’t far behind.

Speed of document return and value for money also ranked highly.

What did surprise us slightly was how vital the ability to implement CustomsPro as a solution was in their decision-making. The fact that CustomsPro can be live with any customer within 24 hours and with no installation charges or ongoing financial commitment was more important to customers than we realized.

But the real highlight of our survey was that customers said that using CustomsPro was even better than expected and ranked ChannelPorts as “Excellent” with an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 72.

To find out how CustomsPro can take all your customs problems away overnight and without any capital investment or ongoing commitment, book a demonstration with one of our team.

Ten minutes is all it takes for a demonstration to show how you can complete a declaration in just 2 minutes.

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